Art FX

Your supercar as a unique piece of art?

  • Artistic effects applied to images
  • Pen, pastel, paint & special effects
  • Printed on large canvas or framed


Once all the project images are available, some clients may wish to consider one or two shots they like transformed into a piece of art.

ArtCar can do this with a number of different digital effects, skilfully applied to create paintings, line drawings or wild interpretations of the base image. A number of effects are shown in the gallery above.

Once you are happy, the final artwork can be produced as framed prints or made into a large digital canvas as art for your wall at home or at the office perhaps.

ArtCar gives you great results for your supercar.

We estimate on a per job basis for services required and are mobile, to meet and make progress wherever you wish, hopefully over a good coffee.

View Gallery

View Gallery