Have a supercar or buying pre-owned?

  • Get a supercar livery designed for you
  • Amazing 3D images & animation
  • Removable graphics with no damage


The exterior of your supercar is what everyone sees and is wowed by.  Usually some degree of differentiation from other cars of the same model is desirable among owners, who also want to put their own individual touch on it, but not permanently.

If you are ordering a new supercar, you will notice that dealer vehicle configurators are great at showing interior options, but limited to showing only basic colours for the exterior, wheels, callipers, etc.

If you are buying a pre-owned supercar, then no exterior factory customisation is possible through the dealer, which is also where we come in.

Our aim is to narrow the exterior design choices with a bespoke, personal livery design created with you.

For a new car, this gives clear instruction to the factory for the exterior finish of your vehicle build, saving you time and money. For example a painted factory stripe typically costs $20,000 to $30,000, so it is worth getting your design right to start with.

With car wraps and now removable paint, the options are limitless as to what can be done, which is also the problem. Where do you start with a design? How is it done? Who can do this work? Who can finish the car? Where can I get it photographed? and so on.

ArtCar is an exclusive and bespoke 3D design and visualisation service to guide you through the enjoyable process of a collaborative design for your new supercar livery.

Maybe you have a particular favourite livery from past race cars, or want a show stopping design, or something incredibly subtle and unique?

As a fellow car enthusiast (with a few collector cars), knowledge of all major performance & luxury car brands and decades of product and graphic design experience, I can guide and create together with you a unique livery design for your supercar.

The design results are presented in stages from marked up sketches to photorealistic computer images, 360 degree VR and animation of your supercar in any setting you wish, to enjoy and share across all your digital devices.

ArtCar gives you amazing tangible results for your personal supercar livery design.

We estimate on a per job basis for services required and are mobile, to meet and make progress wherever you wish, hopefully over a good coffee.